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Washington DC is the kind of place where too many people take themselves Very Seriously. DC is also the kind of place where people end out getting a dog—maybe because no one can stand to be around them otherwise, because they take themselves so Very Seriously.

For being such dog-friendly city—though not necessarily a friendly one—DC is sorely lacking in bougie spots where you can enjoy a finely-crafted snack+drink with a (likely small, possibly ridiculous) four-legged friend.

Fortunately, somebody at a spot you might pass off as being too uppity (but actually isn’t) suggested making both a dog-friendly patio and…get this…menu especially for your pup.

And the city is better for it.

First off—for your dog, a nice (but controlled, because… c’mon, DC) area to stretch his/her legs and plenty of shade (real shade, not the kind most of the people who live here throw at one another). But here’s the deal-closer: Fancy bowls filled with a wide variety of menu options that include a doggie steak ($10) or a Browser Beer (non-alcoholic, sadly—as that would be a riot—made with chicken broth and malt extract). Truth be told, if that hooch for your pooch did actually have a kick, we might just come in on all fours… and leave the same way.

For you, an eminently Instagram-friendly menu. Fresh stuff. Meat stuff. Vegetarian stuff. Small bites. Nice wine. Big pepper grinders. You get the idea. Our favorite was the Snack Board, because you can’t be in a bad mood and say “snack board” at the same time.

But mostly, it’s a favorite of ours because it’s a step up from the dog parks and beer gardens we’re usually relegated to.

And—if you live in DC, we’d think that being relegated to anything isn’t something you’d be very tolerant of.


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