Dairy Godmother
2310 Mount Vernon Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22301

You know those places, the ones that claim to be “in D.C.” but are really in Virginia? The ones that have a website that looks like it was designed as part of an outreach program to underprivileged kids somewhere in the Balkans? The kind that had, like, one famous person in once and now totally remind you of that every chance they get?

That was our original thought process re: Dairy Godmother.

Yes, technically, it’s in Alexandria. But this is D.C. and everything is not really in D.C., so we’ll go ahead and let that one slide…

Now—the website. It’s terrible. No silver lining there. Someone really needs to have a word with them. Like, if we weren’t required to tell the truth at Waggle, we’d say “guess they don’t have one” and save ourselves the embarrassment of linking to it. Seriously.

Now, the famous person. Perhaps it was slightly more than famous and perhaps he happened to be the leader of the free world and perhaps it was Obama and perhaps it’s a total pain in the ass for him to go anywhere, so perhaps he thought that this joint was worth the hassle. So we’ll give ‘em a point for that.

As for the offerings, though, they make up for all of the above. MORE THAN, we should say. From sorbet to ice cream to sodas to a near-cornucopia of delights, it’s a Cheat Day favorite and then it becomes a Secret Cheat Day favorite and then you’re just fat, but that’s okay because you have a dog who won’t judge.

Speaking of your dog, how about baked treats (Squirrel Cookies!) to either a Pumpkin or Banana Puppy Pops (made with yogurt, as not to upset Fido’s tummy). The big thing here is that they no longer allow dogs inside, so keep them hanging out on the patio while you purchase.

So yes, delicious snacks win out over a short drive, name-dropping and a seriously God-awful website.

And because Ice Cream. For both of you.


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