Yes, we know. San Diego is the ultimate dog friendly summer hot spot. And yes, we all have our favorite San Diego summer hangouts. But some people don’t know which are dog friendly, so we’ve compiled a list of our all-time favorites. And if we find out you’re still rolling your eyes, we’ll have to kindly ask you to take that passive-aggressiveness up to Los Angeles.

The Regal Beagle
Clue’s in the name, sure, but what you might not know about—aside from their love of dogs—is their insanely good beer selection. Meaning you’re going to stay here all day [bring your pooch some snacks; the one thing they don’t have here] and then find an Uber that let’s you bring your dog [more on that later]. Trust us.

Ritual Tavern
A lot like the above, but with a better snack selection and quieter setting. Come for the house-made pickles, stay for the Shepherd’s Pie. Good beer selection as well. Call ahead.

The Tilted Stick
Everybody needs a good neighborhood dive bar and The Tilted Stick is it for three reasons:

1. They love dogs.
2. Their cocktails are cheap and strong enough to make you forget about making dinner.
3. They have wings + wing sauce that’ll delight your taste buds.

Bare Back Grill
Stop laughing. This spot has been one of our favorite pooch friendly San Diego spots for a long time. New Zealand [stop laughing] cuisine and wine. New Zealand friendliness [almost up there with the Irish] and a large area for your dog to relax. Keep ‘em on leash, though, as this is a favorite of many.

Live Wire
Another dive bar [and we don’t hear anyone complaining]. Except, unlike some, this is a true ‘dive’—something San Diego is sadly lacking. A bowl of ice cold water for your pooch, a strong IPA + slice of pizza for you. Done and…done.

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