Flip Flops
1140 Crescent Avenue North East
Atlanta, GA 30309

Let us get one thing very, very clear. In no way are we suggesting that Flip Flops is:

a) A nice bar
b) A classy bar
c) A bar you’ll want to take friends to
d) A bar you’ll want to take a date to
e) A bar you’ll ever tell people you went to
f-z) Any variation on the above theme.

So we’re clear, yes? We don’t want your passive aggressive emails about the hangover you have, your dog being embarrassed to be seen with you, the tramp stamp you somehow managed to acquire… Any of that.


All that being said, sometimes—even in your adult life—you feel the need to relive your youth. Some people do that looking at baseball cards, others do it by trying to bake a cake using a plastic box + a lightbulb—get it where you can find it. We ain’t here to judge.

For others, however, that means doing things like “taking shots” and “drinking frozen alcoholic concoctions” and “dancing.” We might be here to judge. But—as mentioned—you’re older now and you have your dog and you can’t be seen in Cancun this late in life, so where do you and Fido go to get spun?

Flip Flops.

All of the aforementioned and so much more.

Dogs are welcome outside. That’s one of the only reasons we’re even mentioning this spot. There are a lot of dogs, actually. They’re all eerily well-behaved. Probably because their owners aren’t.

Get the “Jet Fuel”.
Don’t get the pizza.
Be responsible… At least as responsible as you can be.
And—again—don’t blame us if things get a little out of hand.


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