The Dog Bar
3307 North Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC 28205

There are bars that will let you sit with your dog outside. These aren’t technically “dog bars,” but—until the law books finally catch up with the reality that canines are better than humans and should be allowed everywhere—we’ll allow it.

And then there are Dog Bars. As in—bring your pooch in, let ‘em run everywhere, let’s do this thing, etc.

We like that.

Which is why we love The Dog Bar.

And the clue’s in the name.

It’s literally a dog bar!

Opened in 2005 by J.P. Brewer of Club K-9 fame – one of the city’s best dog daycares, along with a rescue and fundraising sector—this is Charlotte’s only true off-leash + drinks for owners venue. A fenced-off area allows pups to stretch their legs and sniff strange bums while you’re inside, attempting the same thing.

No food is prepared here, but they’re more than cool with you ordering some take-out and bringing it to snack on.

Perhaps surprisingly for a place that embraces animals as part of the clientele, Dog Bar is well-run—even business-like, but not in a bad way. There’s an annual membership fee for your pooch, and they’ll even make sure you know which places in town are the most canine-kosher.

Pro tip: Come by on a Sunday, where allllll the pups come out for a play.

The more places we have like The Dog Bar, the better everything gets.


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