Poor Philly. We honestly don’t know why more people don’t love it as much as we do. You got art [some of it stolen and put on parade], you got snacks [SCRAPPLE for days], and you got some of the nation’s best bars.

Well, if no one else is gonna rave about you, we will. And here are some of our favorite dog friendly Philadelphia spots you can share with your four-legged friend this summer…

White Dog Café
Obviously. But we must mention it because of their undying affection for dogs. In fact, one might even say that pets get treated better than humans, which might sound off-putting, but if more people did the same…we’d all be better off. Ask for local drafts for you, treats for the pooch.

Valley Green Inn
You’re going to need three hands for this spot: one for your pooch, the other for your cocktail, and another for your phone, as you’ll be Instagram’ing the sh*t out of this picturesque setting. Historical. Quiet. Gorgeous. Yes!

Honey’s Sit and Eat
Look, it’d be nice if someone treated you as well as you treat your dog, right? Well, in Philly there’s a place that combines two of the world’s most caring things: Southern and a Jewish mother. Prepare to eat, eat, eat, while your pup sniffs, naps, and laps.

The Druid’s Keep
Dive. Like…we aint’ even gonna paint a gorgeous picture for you. It’s a dive. It’s a dive with cheap drinks and great seating and they love dogs…and, seriously, why would we even need to paint a gorgeous picture? THIS IS A GORGEOUS PICTURE.

Caribou Café
An absolute 180 from the above—but hey, sometimes you want to look nice, eat nice, and be nice. French cuisine without the judgment, and water + lovin’ for your best friend without hassle. Order the cheese plate. Pair with any of their wines. Done.

What’d we miss, Philly? Anything? Email us if so.


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