The Imperial

1800 N. Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32804

There are things in Orlando that you have to do. (See: Winter Park)
There are things in Orlando you have to do that you really don’t want to. (See: Disneyland)
There are things in Orlando that you do that aren’t actually that cool. (See: Making a big deal out of the Magic playing)
And there are things in Orlando that you haven’t done but should because they’re super-hip, but not super-annoying (See: like Dive Bar used to be)

Enter The Imperial.

Yes—they have two locations. If you can roll those eyes back where they belong and remember that you actually live in Orlando by choice which means you don’t get to lecture anyone on decorum, then we can proceed.

All good?


We want you to start going to The Imperial. First off, the name. You can’t turn down an invite to The Imperial. How they don’t have that in caps is beyond us. You WILL have a good time and the service WILL BE to your liking. Some real GoT sh*t.

Next, the drinks + the price of the drinks. How such a hip spot manages to not go for the You’re Probably A Tourist jugular is beyond us. $2 for a PBR, $30 for some relatively-drinkable champagne.

And last, hrm… let’s see… oh right:

IT’S A G.D. FURNITURE STORE DURING THE DAY WHICH THEN TRANSFORMS INTO AN UBER-ECLECTIC BAR IN THE EVENINGS. Seriously. Lights and wood and antiques and wood smells and people who actually work with their hands during the day and a crowd who know what an Inside Voice is and it’s absolutely stellar and how the hell it’s not in NYC where all good things belong is beyond us.

Also, they totally allow dogs on the patio.

So while we won’t say this is a good reason to go to Orlando, we will say if you happen to be in Orlando, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better place to indulge your desire for good drinks in an even better atmosphere.

It’s a good thing Fido can come along—you might never want to leave.


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