Granted, finding time to read while spending all of your hard-earned Etsy money on craft beers and vintage clothing, we do think that Portland has much more to offer than your local dog park when it comes to places that are both a] worth visiting and b] dog friendly.

So here are our favorite Portland summer spots where you cal pal around with your four-legged friend:

Che Café
To be honest, they’re going to like your pooch more than they like you [see: specialized treats for your dog], but what they do with a pork sandwich + fries makes it all worth it. Your four-legged friend is welcome both in and outside as well.

Lucky Lab Brewery
It’d be weird if they didn’t let dogs run around the back area, no? The name alone speaks volumes. Fortunately, they’re as much dog lovers as they are brewers, meaning you’ve got a laid-back atmosphere with dogs and beers and…what more do you need?

Mike’s Drive-In
Summertime means burgers and shakes—old school style—and so if you’re lucky enough to get here and find a spot with shade, then you and your four-legged friend can sit in the car, listen to old 50s tunes, and snack to your heart’s content.

Mother’s Bistro & Bar
This spot is dangerously close to being too popular for its own good, but boy-oh-boy, it’s for a reason. Some of the best dishes in town, proper mimosas and an outdoor area that’s dog friendly. Get there now before a Voodoo Donuts-like line forms.

21st Avenue Bar & Grill 
This is one step up from the park we’re trying to pull you away from [because you can’t drink beer there]. Picnic tables, brats on the grill, and enough beer to make you think that fixed gear bike you still ride is still cool. Dogs can run around the fenced in area, if they’re well-behaved.

Did we miss anything, Portland?
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