Okay Charleston—we’ve already heard all about how you guys are, like, the best city ever to visit and you have great food and whatever else [excuse us while we disguise our jealousy with snark].

But in the midst of all your everyday pleasantries, have you given one single thought to where your dog can also enjoy themselves? Because, you know, this isn’t all about you—it’s about your dog, too. Don’t worry though, we got ya. To add to your self-serving enjoyment, here are our five favorite dog friendly Charleston spots to relax with Fido this summer:

First off, the best jerk chicken in town. Second, the setting is to die for—old gas station-type stuff. Third, cocktails. And the fourth, they’re just crazy about dogs. Enough said.

Poogan’s Porch
Probably the most-haunted building in the city, but that shouldn’t keep you away from a gorgeous setting [get a spot in the back, if you can], and some serious Shrimp n’ Grits. As good as Husk next door? No. No one is. But they’ll let your dog join you…something Husk lacks.

Molly Darcy’s
Everyone needs a pub with shade for them brutal South Carolina summer days and every dog needs a nice big bowl of water and an ever-lovin’ crowd. So throw in some good beers, occasional live music and proximity to everything and you got a good local.

39 Rue de Jean
Coffee [real]. Croissants [real]. And a patio that allows dogs [real nice]. Granted, you have a lot of foot-traffic to deal with, but when a proper café does things right—and likes dogs—then it makes our list. The fresh orange juice is also worth the $4.

The Barrel
Beer for days, a rotating food truck appearance and—the best part—a fresh-water marsh for dogs to drink and bathe in, not to mention a fenced-in area for ‘em to play.

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