NoDa Brewing Company
2229 North Davidson Street
Charlotte, NC 28205
(704) 900-6851

It was a Sunday afternoon—mid-June, if memory serves. We were looking to do something “outdoors-y” but nothing that required effort or spending a gazillion dollars at REI. That weird water park with the kayak trail looked good online, but we had heard it was ridiculously busy on nice weekends, so—again with the effort—we passed.

Driving around North Davidson, we happened upon what looked like a company outing—gross—a large brick building with lots of people outside holding beers and getting along. And while the scene looked friendly enough, we worried we would be one trust fall away from crashing the party.

Driving closer, we saw kids and dogs (!) and we figured that even if the party was a private function, surely people wouldn’t be overly cross in front of their families.

It wasn’t a function. It was simply the crowd at NoDa Brewery. And we couldn’t have stumbled upon a better way to spend what ended out being many afternoons.

NoDa’s got eight beers of their own on tap, including an IPA that took our head off, along with food trucks forming a moat around beautiful people in outdoors-y dress, but not technically doing outdoors-y things… Save for standing around outside and drinking. Which is something we here at Waggle consider to be “exercise.”

Dogs and kids and ping-pong and cornhole and more beer and lobster snacks and everyone’s super nice because they’re Charlotte people, but not, you know, NASCAR Charlotte people.

The outdoors situation at NoDa is great, and the interior is just as impressive. Here you’ll find warm wood tones, a huge American flag just begging to be featured on your Instagram and (surprise, surprise) even more beautiful people.

And it’s this kind of Sunday afternoon that seriously had us considering going back to Manhattan, grabbing our Labrador and driving right back down to Charlotte to live.

It’s that kind of special.


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