If you’ve been paying any attention, you’re well aware of our undying love for New York by now. But as far as history, scenery, and drinking goes, we got nothing but love for Boston.

So, for those three nice weeks a year yous guys get up there, here’s where to take your pooch [who would totally rather live in Brooklyn, but that’s neither here nor there].

Topping the list for an amazing play on words [they serve breakfast, brunch, and lunch of course], these folks do—in all honesty—serve up some mean snacks and cocktails, as well as water and biscuits for your dog at the door.

Wired Puppy
If it’s coffee and no bull shit you’re after, but with your dog, then Wired Puppy is where you want to be. A staff favorite for their interior design combined with their lack of freaking out when dogs run around on said interior design. Great baked goods if you get there early enough [they’re picked clean by afternoon].

Jacob Wirth
What would a Boston list be without a proper [German] pub? An endless selection of local and domestic drafts [careful, as some of them top 10 percent], along with a nice little area outside to watch the day dwindle, pooch by your side.

J.P. Licks
Yes, they have numerous locations. Yes, we’re not into listing things like that. However, we’re talking proper ice cream + proper coffee + a peanut butter and honey sorbet for—wait for it—your dog. Seriously, just take our money.

Moonshine 152
We forgot lobster! How could we? Okay, how about a nice dog friendly Boston garden, fabulous beer selection [and recommendations] as well as New England snacks? Do it.

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