We have a lot of love for Austin, which is why we’re biting our tongues about the past 10 years’ expansion. NOT SAYING A WORD. Nor are we commenting on how [a lack of ] public transport is why it’ll never work. NOT A PEEP.

However, your all’s love of  dogs, being outside, and staying drunk means we—as dog owners as well—have a soft spot for you. So, here’s where to drive three hours in traffic to enjoy the 120 degrees of an Austin summer. We hope you have A/C in your car.

Freddie’s Place
The fact that your dog is allowed anywhere is basically because owner Fred Nelson was the first person to push said allowance. On top of that, there’s an insane happy hour, as well as ice cold water + snacks for your pooch—all in a laid-back setting makes this a forever favorite of the city.

Moontower Saloon
Think of it as “the farm” you always heard about animals going to, but this one doesn’t have a super-sad [and scarring] ending. Eleven acres of freedom for your plays-well-with-others dog, horseshoes, drinks, food, and hammocks. Need we say more?

Whip In
You go to Austin for Mexican food and to drink, so why not make taking your dog out part of that ongoing happening? Decent chutney queso and an outdoor bar means, well, plan on staying a while.

Dog House Drinkery Dog Park
If the name doesn’t scream “crazy about dogs,” then we don’t know what will. This hangout comes with a cheap daily fee of $5, but is well worth it. One might even say it’s a dog park with a bar, so perhaps we’re going about this all wrong. Great for singles.

Granted, spending too much time here means you’ll be one hybrid car away from being super-insufferable, but the kombucha and kale [ugh] are good alternatives to the normal portions you get in Texas. The cocktails are forgettable, but the adjacent BBQ truck is not.

What’d we miss, Austin?
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