It should come as no surprise—based on our undying love for New York—that we’re not massive Houston fans. But don’t take it too personally.

And—granted—what you all are doing with [people] food these days is impressive.

However, we can’t help but think you owe your dog something a little nicer this summer, seeing how a] it’s a Houston summer and b] it’s Houston. So, treat your dog to something nice and spend your final days of summer with you four-legged friend at our favorite dog friendly Houston spots.

To say this spot is ‘dog friendly’ is a massive understatement. It’s more of a social club for dogs that is human friendly. Excellent design all around, dogs sniffing dogs, humans sniffing humans, and a fantastic beer + snack selection.

Komodo Pub
It’s like a mix of Tiki gone bad + neighborhood bar + intimidating dive…but, you know, dog friendly. A favorite amongst the service industry, if that tells you anything. Dangerous cocktails and plenty of room + water for your BFF.

Natachee’s Supper ‘N Punch
To be honest, this would probably make the latter half of our Top 10 at best, but we just love saying the name so damn much, and hey—isn’t that part of being a cool spot? The fantastic backyard is perfect for sippin’ on adult sodas while your pooch makes friends. Beware the punch, though. Especially more than one of them.

Front Porch Pub
Warning: if you go here any time during feeding time [for humans], it’s gonna be too busy. Way too busy. However, plan it perfectly and you’ll have a new favorite for you and your pup. Locals will suggest steak night, but we think that’d be too cruel to your dog [unless you’re willing to share]. Go for beer between 3-5 PM and you’ll be good.

Grafiti Kitchen and Bar
If you love your dog much, much more than you love yourself—this spot is for you. The people here love dogs so much, in fact, that we’re not sure if we should be jealous or scared or both. Either way, your dog will be treated like royalty, so bring him for a good spoiling.

Did we miss anything, Houston?
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