Taverna Opa
9101 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

There is never a bad time to be had at a Greek restaurant—namely one that boasts “The night isn’t over until all the ouzo runs out!”

And such is true for the unpolished gem that is Taverna Opa.

We know what you’re thinking. Gyros and feta and posters from the 1980s with faded pictures of Santorini on them. (Well, you are, aren’t you?)

You’re kind of right.

But what Opa does, seriously, is take all of the festivity that comes with anything the Greeks do (see: theater, tangible currency, Plato… anything, basically, except for the ’04 Olympics), but in a setting where you’re almost uncomfortable letting your hair down… initially.

See, if you arrive, dine and leave before 7pm, you’ll experience a fine meal with a loving owner and some piped-in Zorba-y music over the speakers. Your dog is happy outside with his bowl of water and the occasional scrap and it’ll be a very nice time had by all. You’ll rate it a strong 8/10 and make a point to come back if you’re ever in the area.

However, if you stay past 7pm, the drinks are poured with more frequency, a belly dancer appears, some satori and techno begins to thump and shots are passed around like after dinner mints.

There’s dancing all over—on the bar and because of it. Tables are joined together and—should you still insist on sitting outside with your dog—you’ll witness all the fun without the inevitable hangover.

And for a few short and wonderful hours, you’ll even forget you’re in Orlando…

Which alone makes this one of the best spots in the city.


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