Forest Room 5
2532 15th Street
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 433-7001

Look, no one rolled their eyes at a bar in Denver with a “camping out” theme more than we did.

It’s Denver, for f*cksake.

That’s like a New York bar that allows rats to run around while while charging a non-rent controlled fee for loitering.

Needless to say, we walked in with every intention of absolutely destroying this place.

We tried our best, but … ugh. It’s fantastic.

We’ll start outside, and then work our way in: This is your normal brick & mortar joint, not far from the 15th Street Bridge (and—again, ugh— the crowd that hangs out nearby). Nondescript. Your normal downtown Denver kind of place.

But then you walk inside and it’s like you’re outside, kindof, but inside really and yes, there’s a lot of flannel, but good flannel and not like that annoying pearl snap flannel which isn’t really flannel at all. There are wood swings and wood things and old wooden theater chairs and wood accents over a fireplace burning wood and everyone’s pretty cool considering they’re paying a lot of money for something they could be doing for free… but, again, we digress.

Per the inside bar, it’s nothing fancy—save for a lot of timber. Long (wooden) table in the middle of the room makes for a cramped evening, but hey—you’re with your dog and don’t want to be hanging out inside (which is kind of like outside… argh) anyway.
So you head out and here is where the magic lies—their garden. Café lights hang, but still over an outdoor themed outdoor area. Campfires roar (well… more of a mighty yawn) and people huddle around them with nice beers and probably some opinions on whatever happened to Band of Horses.

It should go without saying that there are dogs everywhere. And this is—obviously—our favorite part. It feels like camping, which is something all dogs love and you don’t spend nearly enough time doing. So enjoy—and know Denver’s great outdoors will always be there if, and when, you decide you want the real thing.


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