749 Moreland Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA 30316

Rarely are the words “dog friendly,” “strong cocktails,” and “great Thai” mentioned in the same sentence—much less in the same write-up. But brother, here you go—that perfect pairing of tasty and laid-back.

Meet Spoon: Atlanta’s hippest Thai joint.

We mean it when we say the vibe is laid-back. In fact, the most stress you’ll go through is actually getting there. Just follow the one-way arrows all the way around and look for parking spots in the back.

There you go. Hard part’s done.

Now, quickly think about your favorite Thai restaurant. And let us guess…you’ve got bamboo, bad posters of Bangkok, and overly sweet tea with creamer in it, right?

Not at Spoon.

An Asian take on Mid-century Modern.
A staff that can speak both Thai and “American.” Lucky you!
And a serious take on cocktails.

But the food is the standout here. Fresh is the name of the game and nothing we ordered could’ve been better. And we’re not going to be the super tourists and list it out, but all of the regulars made an appearance as did a few new bites [see: Lemongrass Panna Cotta].

So, you’d think that the owners would forbid any animals that don’t go into a Pad Thai, but no. Bring Fido, sit on the porch, and enjoy a fine meal at a fine establishment.

“More places like Spoon!” we sing.

Don’t believe us? Good luck making your way through the multitudes of praises, awards, and five-star reviews.

They really make Thai stick.



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