Midtown Tavern
554 Piedmont Avenue NE
Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30308

Despite the nice, clean, and well-designed interior, there is nothing fancy about Midtown Tavern.

And despite your nice, clean, and well-designed exterior, there is nothing fancy about you either.

Now that we’ve offended everyone involved, let us explain.

Midtown Tavern is not a place you’d bring a date to, unless you want to break up nicely. It’s not a place that you make a point of hitting on a big night out. In fact, we’d wager to bet that most of the people in Midtown didn’t plan on ending up there at all.

So where’s the draw? Well, re-read that above and you’ll notice that it’s one of those spots that you just always end up at. And that’s a good thing.

We found ourselves there two Sunday afternoons in a row (it was a dark time, admittedly) and it provided a most perfect escape from Atlanta in the summer—the heat being the second-worst thing about it, bad drivers the first (sorry, guys). As stated, though, the joint was nice, effort had been put in to the lighting and bar, the crowd was friendly, beer was cold, and music tolerable.

But the magic—if you can call it that—is on the back patio, with dogs lying on their backs while enjoying the shade. Something about having a lot of dogs around makes people not raise their voice, and Midtown is no exception. Nice people with nice dogs having a not-quiet, but not-loud good ole time.

So, don’t bookmark it.
Don’t save it to your map.
Don’t even tell people you “might end up there.”
Even though you totally will.


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