We’re dog people.
Obviously we’re dog people.
And we love all dogs.

However, there are some that got a few too many accolades over the years by the general public.

Here are a few of the top offenders:

Scooby-Doo: We’re not going for the obvious—you already know what was going on in that van and the reason they were always both so hungry. Dogs can have glaucoma too, ya know. But this is more to what he brought to the group —and that was nothing. He ate. He got scared easily. He would somehow accidentally help solve a few crimes. But in the grand scheme of things, he could have been a parrot or some sort of plant and not a lot would change. The only thing he can possibly be credited for was bringing teal back into an acceptable accessory color, but seeing how he doesn’t posses the thumbs to put it on, that’s not really a fair award.

Pluto: Owned by a mouse. Need we say more?

Toto: Quick! Imagine The Wizard of Oz without Toto. Same movie. The only difference is someone/something else is the receiver of Dorthy’s slightly-annoying vague and running Midwestern commentary.

Lassie: You wonder how in the world we can turn on America’s original service dog? Because she was a bit of a drama queen. Every time the tiniest thing happened, she went all Chicken Little back to the farm instead of simply trying to analyze and help solve the problem of her owner tripping over another rock. In fact, some speculate that the film Lassie Come-Home was really writer Erik Knight’s subtle attempts despite he had—once again—last been seen on a bender with co-star Elizabeth Taylor.

Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog: Oh, how original! An overly-aggressive chain-smoking Eastern European who takes his little man syndrome out on people who make money.

Again, the majority of dogs in pop culture remain dedicated to qualities of true canines and this is in no way some polarized commentary on the present state of things.

But no one is beneath reproach.

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