The Bleu Garten
301 NW 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

Look, we’ll be the first to admit that this whole food truck thing has gotten out of hand. Yes, we like coffee. No, we do not want to wait on everyone’s Instagram needs while waiting outdoors for one. Seriously, have you been to Austin lately? Don’t be surprised if they add another week for Innovative Food Trucks. Too much.

However, when it comes to taking full advantage of a good piece of land without ruining it with some terrible architecture [never confuse Oklahoma City’s design with her Art Deco-loving neighboring town of Tulsa], the folks behind Bleu Garten might very well be on to something.

Fence it off, serve booze, and open it up to a rotating line of food trucks.

The results? A laid-back atmosphere where people can get delightfully tipsy while trying lots of different local foods they might not usually try with the option to bring their dog(s) along, which makes it even more fun (hell, you can even bring your parrot). And people don’t have to drive, so they’re going to get even looser and…OH HEY, SNACKS!

Anyway, from what we can remember between writing and drinking at Bleu, there was some super tasty BBQ, some weird kimchi taco, and a Popsicle that wasn’t really a Popsicle.

We made friends. And we watched as dogs made friends. And then we might have hugged each of our new friends a little too much, but hey…it’s kind of what Okies do. Right? …Right?

Play with their dogs.
And be really, really happy that you came to visit.


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