Look, we know why you’re going to Denver and you know why you’re going to Denver, so don’t even front like it’s finally a place for you to use all of that REI gear you keep convincing yourself you’ll use. You’re going to party (well, as much as one can at your age) and you’re going to go do it legally which—to be honest—isn’t as much fun, but it’s a lot easier than calling your cousin’s friend who works at the video store and can be a real jerk sometimes. And that’s cool.

That’s cool. We’re not in the business of judging. Except when it comes to cat people.

So go. Enjoy all the, ahem, hiking you’re going to be doing.

And while you’re making sure you have every Pink Floyd album downloaded on your phone, we’ll find you a dog friendly Denver Airbnb.

Oh look! We just did. Amazing how productive one can be when one’s not…hiking.

Here’s what we found:

It’s dog friendly.
It’s got a backyard (wink).
It’s got a pergola (’cause treat yo’self).
It’s five minutes from downtown.

So book away there, Smokey.

And enjoy Denver.

(Don’t forget to bring snacks!)


Editor’s Note: As always, we recommend that you check with the dog friendly Airbnb homeowner for specific restrictions on breed, size, or number of dogs allowed in the residence.


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