Vickery’s Bar and Grill 
933 Garnett Street
Atlanta, GA 30316

In this day and age of information, of guided maps, of no more secrets, it’s nice to know that some institutions are not only still going strong, but never bought into the fad of throwing everything on social media—and weathered the Millennial Storm by simply doing what they always have.

And that is provide little bits of magic.

To experience Vickery’s is to experience the old South, sans racism and poverty…and with nicer furniture. It’s Southern Comfort (food) to the nth degree, and if you have your doubts, just take a look at how comfortable the chairs are. None of that hard wooden stuff that gets you out-the-door quickly, no ma’am. They want you to eat here. And they want you to stay here. And they want you to be happy here.

And here is where we’re going to be polite and not tell you what to order; just know that a) it’s gonna be good, b) it’s gonna be a lot, and c) it’s gonna be super unhealthy. We’re pretty sure they put butter in the water. And it’s good.

But bless your hearts, you’re gonna love it.

And the best part? They love making dogs happy even more than they love making you feel at home. Treats served with a fresh wash bowl as soon as you sit down on the patio. Coupled with that soothing tone that can only exist south of the Mason/Dixon. You’ll truly be hard-pressed to find a more welcoming dog friendly Atlanta joint.

So get there early, find some shade, sit down, and prepare to be treated like royalty.

If royalty had to be rolled out the door.


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