Provence Marinaside
1177 Marinaside Crescent
Vancouver, BC V6Z 273

We’re not about to call Vancouver out on being too outdoorsy.
Trust us.
As we sit here in our New York offices, we’d kill to have the kind of grass you all have access to (ahem).
So, don’t go getting those sensitive Canadian feelings hurt.

However, what we found lacking in your gorgeous city is a gorgeous place to dress up gorgeously and eat gorgeous food while looking at gorgeous people.

Again, we’re New Yorkers. Fancy and shallow.

But somewhere between the GORE-TEX® and craft beers, behind the politeness and the clean air, we found ourselves wanting to get gussied up with our dog to go have a proper meal. With cutlery and liquors and fine napkins and staff members who don’t wear name tags.

And we thought no place existed like that in Vancouver…

Until someone pointed us to Provence.

Admittedly, we went for the view—situated right on the water and walking distance from our hotel. Interior ambiance was lacking by Vancouver standards, but that might have just been us being jerk tourists from Brooklyn. Fortunately, we were sitting outside with our pooch anyway, so we decided not to let that be a factor.

A few other dogs on leashes acknowledged our entrance, but no one lost their sh*t because—after all—this is Canada and losing things in public is frowned upon unless it’s Tim Horton’s and Burger King decides to buy it (zing!). But back to the dogs + patio: a real gem. Nice, but relaxed. Fancy, but not fussy.

So far, so good. That was, until the food and service took over.

Food: okay. We give it 6.5/10. From the looks of things and speaking to people in the neighborhood, it’s best known as a breakfast place. But we had lunch, when really, we probably should’ve had breakfast. So we’ll let it slide.

Service: makes the food seem like a Michelin meal. And we hold Vancouver to New York standards because Vancouver has the platform to do good things with both food and service.

So why are we including this at all?

Because of two things:

1. The aforementioned dog friendly Vancouver locale.
2. The potential.

This place has everything set up for a dog-owner who wants to go fancy. It’s in the perfect spot for all of the neighboring dog owners to make this a weekly place. It’s French, so we can only assume that the current staff will get annoyed with all things French and a new batch of people will come in who care much more about the food.

But until then, we still say “support them.”

Because we know talent.

Because we’re American.

Just ask Steve Nash.


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