Shake Shack (The Shop, Buckhead)
3035 Peachtree Road NE, Suite A146
Atlanta, GA 30305

Let us go ahead and beat you to the punch(es).

“Shoot the hostage(s),” so to speak.

  1. Yes, it’s Shake Shack. Possibly the most annoying thing about visiting New York these days.
  2. Yes, it’s a well-known chain.
  3. Yes, it’s in a shopping center.
  4. Yes, we realize that you think this destroys our street cred.

All done?


Allow us to retort:

  1. Shake Shack is amazing. And not since Chick-fil-A stopped serving on Sunday’s have we been more addicted to a corporate offering.
  2. It’s a well-known chain because it’s delicious. Don’t hate on anything delicious.
  3. The shopping center thing is a drag, admittedly. But something about Shake Shack always makes us want to go retail-ing afterwards, so there’s that.
  4. We got dayyyz, so ain’t nobody worried about a depletion.

Now, back to the Shack.

Sometimes, you want a good burger with a good view in a dog friendly place and—again—there’s a reason you see hundreds of people in line for the Shack’s burger. And the Buckhead location’s rooftop provides better views than anywhere in town…and seriously, what do they put in those shakes? Amazing.

But in all seriousness, what if more larger chains started doing things like this? Give the people what they want and the dogs what they need!

Shake Shack might even change our minds about corporate giants after all.


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