4300 Paces Ferry Road SE
Suite 107

Atlanta, GA 30339

Remember when Good Will Hunting came out and everyone was all like, “Ooohh, Ben Affleck!”

Then someone else said, “But what about that Matt Damon?”

And everyone was like, “I mean, I guess he’s cute.”

And we all thought, “Poor Matt Damon”…until he got some muscles and didn’t ruin Batman and now we totally respect whomever told us he was going to be super sexy one day.

That’s kind of what we’re going through with SOHO right now. It’s the Good Will Hunting of sort-of-upscale dog friendly Atlanta joints.

Nice, but not too nice.

A wine selection. Not good, not bad, just a wine selection.

The menu is safe, but—for safe offerings—has a bit of character (see: Cobia).

The staff is professional. Forgettable, sure, but—let’s be honest—sometimes you want that when enjoying a nice meal (see: servers who pull up a chair when taking your order).

The décor is…it’s not bad. Unfortunately, any place on this side of 1850 can’t really pull off the whole Greco Revival thing, but we’re also not hating on SOHO for trying.

However, while the interior could be mistaken for bland (and we promise it’s not), the outdoor area—where one can mingle, hang with Fido, snack on small bites, and do that super white-people thing by talking about the soil in their wine—is what truly makes this place worth a visit.

Again, nothing you’ll crave during the week.
Or even the month.

But it’ll be a solid 7.9/10 experience every single time you go.

Which will probably only be once, but hey…

“It’s not your fault.”


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