Congratulations! That oppressive regime known as “Texas Summer” has finally left and yes, it’s great that it’s November and you’re still wearing shorts. But let us set our sights on a time of year when the Austin humidity doesn’t jump off the concrete like…something that jumps off concrete.

And let us set our sights to autumn.

Your dog wants you to. Why? Because they’ve been seriously bored for seven months, barely being able to carry their big coat of fur around the backyard and back inside to a room of A/C. Now they can finally go on proper walks as dogs were meant to do.

But where?

McKinney Falls State Park is where.

A short-ish (for Texas) drive from the center of town and you’ll arrive at those colorful scenes Bob Schneider always seems to be singing about. Stunning trails and—the best part—a gorgeous waterfall cascading down into Onion Creek.

Fido will be happy, as there’s plenty to keep him busy, plenty of pees to pee on, and the occasional SQUIRREL.

If you can go during the week, you’ll mostly have it all to yourselves. Two big trails of just about three miles, all with the same goal: paying homage to the 300-year old Cyprus tree named “Baldy.”

A perfect escape from all of Austin’s annoyances—be them human or not.


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