Basil’s Restaurant & Tapas Bar
2985 Grandview Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

While one should always be wary of any joint serving two types of food, after last night’s experience at Basil’s (that’s baaa-zels, not bay-sals), we’d go back even if they also started selling truck tires.

It was that good.

To start, we’re suckers for a fancy-ish place with a fancier atmosphere. Just because all of our sweaters are covered in dog fur doesn’t mean we don’t like to get all gussied up and have a nice night out (with our dog), right?

The problem is that very few “nice” places allow you to bring your dog.

But not so at Basil’s.

It’s white tablecloth and al fresco dining at its finest—the garden area seemingly twice its actual size because Europeans are good at stuff like that. People in sports coats, but with no ties. Ladies in nice hats, sans the $200 hairdo underneath. It’s where people with money go to relax, and where people who like to relax go to spend money. Make no mistake, it’s absolutely worth it.

A friendliness as Greek as the menu—and that didn’t stop with us. Our two dogs were brought their own water bowls as soon as we sat down.

As for the food, it’s some of the most authentic and delicious Greek we’ve had since actually eating in Greece. Fresh seafood paired with a wide selection of wines (go for the whites or prepare to look like an assh*le), as well as a hint of music in the background.

To give away too much would be doing this spot a great disservice. Just know that if you’re a dog owner, you’re in Atlanta, and you’re looking to switch it up a bit from the usual pub fare and atmosphere, this is your spot.

Go for dinner.
Go for the squid.
And prepare to go back many times.


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