Yearning for an international getaway? Yeah, so are we. That’s why each week we’ll be picking a city abroad and finding you a dog friendly Airbnb there—so you can focus on packing your bags and getting Fido ready for your adventure. First up: Berlin.


Ah, Berlin. A wanna-be Williamsburg, but with tougher streets, cheaper rent, and an underground scene like no other. It’s both colorful and drab, artsy and kitsch, cool and not cool. The city that both came up with the word “uber” and the city that recently banned Uber. Welcome to the walking and beautiful contradiction of Berlin.

You want to go though.
You need to go.
You need to go now.

Because in ten years, it’ll be overrun with upscale art studios and rich (country name removed because we don’t want to offend anyone) buying up apartments because of the money they made from (business name removed because we don’t want to get sued). And it’s black, blue, and grey skyline will be pockmarked with reminders that anything can be bought—even in Germany.

So get there.

Go during the winter when the right angles and lack of sunshine make for an  imaginary scene—the one that makes you want to write bad poetry and attempt to get into electronic music.

And when you go, stay here: An artistic breath of sunshine in an otherwise Bauhaus city. Bright colors. Old wood. Lots of light and yes, a few Bauhaus lamps, but c’mon—it’s still Berlin.

Located in the heart of Neukölln—the zeitgeist of all things cool—and walking distance to as many dope cafes (dope as in “cool,” not as in Amsterdam), not to mention all the Döner kebabs (invented in Berlin) you can handle.

Best part? It’s dog friendly. All of Berlin is—another reason to love the city. Something about having a dog makes you the New Yorker that could never be because having a dog in New York is a pain in the ass, let us tell you.

And it’s cheap—again, all of Berlin is. But at $88 a night, it’s cheaper to fly here for the weekend than stay in Manhattan.

Alles gut!


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