Mildred’s Temple Kitchen
85 Hanna Avenue, Suite 104
Toronto, Ontario M6K 3S3

Stepping into Mildred’s is like stepping out of a Kinfolk Magazine wet dream…except people eat in this one. With more white space than a Matchbox 20 concert and enough modern design to keep even the keenest of Jeff Goldblum fans busy, it’s a wonder that such a space could make an appearance in a dog friendly review. But somehow and someway, the owners decided to think above-and-beyond their dry cleaning bill and make a space for all—dogs included.

To start: believe the hype. And not just ours. Topping every list in the city—including the illustrious Where To Have Your Wedding Reception—Mildred (if such a lady even exists) has managed to allow for fancy and comfy to co-exist in titillating harmony. Heck, you’re even welcome to consummate your marriage in the wash room around Valentine’s Day.

But more to the offerings, the word is “brunch” and you shall respect the word. Face your hangover with all of the courage you can muster and get there an hour before you would normally. Yes, getting there early is going to hurt at first, but make sense later when you, Fido, and what we can only assume will be a bunch of white girls armed with Instagram hashtags get the best shaded spot on the outdoor patio. And that glorious spot will be but an arms reach from both the occasional pet and more-than-occasional sip of mimosa.

Brunch is fantastic across the board, so we won’t assume to guess what you like. Although, if you’re any type of person with decent taste, the blueberry pancakes will have already been on your mind. Strangely enough, they pair nicely with the Bloody Mary…although we could’ve just been drunk. We’ll let you decide.

Long story short: go. Ignore the surrounding suburbia wasteland that is the Shops at King Liberty and go. It’s a nice place for people who can be nice, but don’t usually like to be.


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