You got a dog for this very reason: strolling through the park while the leaves fall elegantly from above. You’ve got a coat on, but aren’t yet bundled up to the point of feeling claustrophobic. It’s still crisp outside and everyone’s in a romantic mood because the winter apocalypse known as “Boston in January” is coming…but not just yet.

So, where can you and Fido go in this soon-to-be-drab city for a good day of stretching the ole legs?

Castle Island.

(You thought we were going to say something lame like “The Commons” because we’re New Yorkers, right? Nice try.)

But yeah, Castle Island.

First of all, it’s gorgeous. And just far enough away from the city that most Bostonites will shrug it off and stick to the neighborhood. But for some reason, the grass stays greener (and inexplicably nicer) here longer than most places.

Next, it’s a goddamned fortified castle and if that’s not enough reason to put a little chop in your ass, then what is?

Friend: “You wanna go to the bar?”
You: “Can’t. Walking my dog around a goddamned fortified castle.”
Advantage: You.

And best of all, this particular fortified castle is the place to be seen walking a dog. Fellow dog owners will give you a nod of approval previously only seen at Whole Foods and/or a Bon Iver concert. You’re all in a special little group now. Congrats.

Wake up early. Take a camera. Pack a snack. Sneak in some wine. Treat your dog.

Because the next five months are going to be absolute sh*t.


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