Yearning for an international getaway? So are we. That’s why each week this month we’ll be picking a city abroad and finding you a dog friendly Airbnb there—so you can focus on packing your bags and getting Fido ready for your adventure. This week: London’s calling.

* * *

Let’s be real, London is a sh*thole.

It’s choked with traffic and tourists, overpriced pints and terrible food.

“But there are some great restaurants,” you’ll say. And we’ll remind you of the price tag on those few great restaurants.

But the fish and chips are great—and affordable for all. So at least you’ve got that going for you.

So go and eat great fish and chips and drink overpriced pints in a “real pub” and come back to America supporting some “footie” team.

Go spend your money in London and support the Queen and all of her inability to influence anything.

Use the phrase “taking the piss” wrong.

Visit the totally culturally-accurate Dungeon.

Whatever tickles your fancy.

Just do us one favor and take your dog. Take selfies with him or her in the parks around Kings Cross. Walk up and down the Thames like the super-duper dog-owner you are. Casually work into conversations that yes, you did fly your dog with you because he likes to travel too (duh!).

And when you go, stay at this dog friendly London Airbnb.
Why? Well, let’s see…

Location: Central London.

House: To DIE for.

Special amenities: A massive garden for you and Fido to frolic in the shrubbery—or whatever it is English people do.

Price: Only $179/night—an incredible price. If you balk at that, then you’ve never been to London. That’s an effing-steal, mate. Plenty of pounds to throw to the chippie.

Have a jolly good time.

Editor’s Note: As always, we recommend that you check with the dog friendly Airbnb homeowner for specific restrictions on breed, size, or number of dogs allowed in the residence.


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