Tap & Barrel (Coal Harbour)
1055 Canada Place, Suite 76
Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3

When we think of BC, we think of many wonderful things:

  • Nice and attractive people
  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Poutine (yes, we know it’s not from here, but whatever)
  • Skiing
  • Great microbrews
  • Great weed (asking for a friend)
  • Politeness
  • Proximity to America…because, well, America

Which is why we love Tap & Barrel so much it might even be our favorite midday spot in the entire city.

Granted, they don’t have everything we just listed there (still asking for a friend, if you know anyone), but they have most of it.

To start: The neighborhood. Coal Harbour seems to be rocking an almost-gritty vibe which is something many don’t realize exists anywhere in BC. Near the water, but still with a hint of industrial. We dig it.

Next: The bar. Dark tones. Exposed beams. Minimal lighting. Wood. Outside, you’ll find one of the best dog friendly patios Vancouver has to offer. We dig it.

Offerings: The beer. Forget anything else you might see, this is Beer Country and you should not waver from the road that first brought you here. Cream Ales parry with cold Porters. IPA any day. Amber Ales fly off as if they were fished from the neighboring waters. And even a solid Pilsner makes an appearance. The bartenders attempt to come across snooty, but as soon as you ask them what they like, everything is illuminated.

But the best part? The dogs. And more dogs. Get there early to secure a table + plastic chair and have a bowl of water ready, as well as your embarrassed tone you use every time Fido sniffs a bottom—Fido, stop that. You know better!—even though you know that totally happens all the time.

Food: meh. It’s passable. But the beer makes up for it twice over.

So go.

Go because this is the bar that Vancouver dog-owners need.

Go because this is the bar that Vancouver needs more of.

So good it almost makes Canada seem tough.

As opposed to Drake.


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