Yearning for an international getaway? So are we. That’s why each week this month we’ll be picking a city abroad and finding you a dog friendly Airbnb there—so you can focus on packing your bags and getting Fido ready for your adventure. This week: Aller à Paris

* * *

Some people will talk about Paris in the spring, others in the summer. But if you really, truly want to see the City of Lights at her best, go in December. Something about the romantic streets filled with the excitement of Christmas—but a Christmas of yore (or yesteryear, if we may be so bold). It’s different from the energy of New York at that same time. New York still has energy, but it’s industrial. Mechanical. Paris takes you back a few centuries and…just seriously book your ticket now because we’re getting depressed just thinking about missing it.

But something you might not know about Paris: she’s extremely dog friendly. And with the vibrant café culture, your choices of where to go with your dog are pretty much endless. And if they give you any grief about having your dog with you, simply light a cigarette and blow it in their face. They love that (kidding).

And when you go, stay at this dog friendly Airbnb in the heart of Paris.

Being smack dab in the heart of the city, you and Fido will enjoy views going out over the Seine and atop the Notre Dame. It’s small (read: cozy) and exactly like everyone else’s flat in the city. But how cute is this particularly flat? Seriously. Lots of light, lots of storage, an un petite kitchen for you to try (and fail) to make a proper coffee and those views.

All for $139 a night.

In the middle of Paris.


In the winter.

Take us with you.

We beg.

Editor’s Note: As always, we recommend that you check with the dog friendly Airbnb homeowner for specific restrictions on breed, size, or number of dogs allowed in the residence.


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