Cheever’s Cafe
2409 Hudson Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

In a state famed for not agreeing on things (see: satanic monument at the capitol story), it’s nice to know that when it comes to best food + best dog friendly patio + all-around best restaurant in town, everyone can—and will—agree on one thing: Cheever’s Café is the truth.

What’s being done inside the tiny Art Deco building in the city’s Art District is anything but original, yet somehow unique. Like the artist who steals and improves upon his theft so that the original is somehow forgotten with time, so is Cheever’s approach to impressive cuisine.

But what’s even more impressive than the fried chicken (depending on where you hail from, one serving is good for either two or four people), is their laid-back attitude regarding dogs on the patio. It’s not one of those places you would assume to be dog friendly because of its immaculate design and interior cleanliness. Yet, it is. So much so, they encourage patrons to come with their four-legged companions.

And without getting too enlightened here, the more upscale places that allow our best friends to join in, the better the entire experience becomes. Sure, there’s hair and slobber and noses-in-butts to think about, but—especially at a place like Cheever’s—nice food, good wine, and that Oklahoma kindness plus some dogs lying around just enhances it all.

So get there.
And bring your dog.
And then tell some people.
And then maybe Oklahoma can at least start getting the visitors it deserves…
Even though there ain’t sh*t to do…except eat.


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