Wicklow Public House
610 Stamps Landing 
Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Z1

Before we get into the whole bipolar thing, let us first provide a non-biased view of things we know to be true about Wicklow:

First, it’s the pub you envision whilst updating your blog. You know, the blog you assume everyone is reading because you and your spouse decided to pack it all up, buy a boat, and live on the water. You’ll notice we didn’t say “yacht” because this isn’t a “yacht” place. We said “boat” and then threw in the term “blog” because that’s the kind of people who frequent this spot; intelligent enough to work with WordPress, but not wealthy (see also: snooty) enough to afford a proper marina. And that’s not a dis, because after all, who doesn’t want to live a simple life on a boat? But hopefully it paints a picture of the clientele. It’s not Banana Republic, but it’s not Old Navy. It’s The GAP, minus the grasp on fashion.

Now, to the bipolar split. There are two ways of enjoying this bar:

  1. Midday with a few cocktails, looking out over the sailboats, but never-ever ordering the food.
  2. In the evening after numerous cocktails (and after you decided to buy a boat) while sampling the numerous tasty offerings of an eclectic menu.

Hopefully you can read between the lines and we can still keep up relations. Why? Because of the vibe—namely, the dog friendly vibe. Captains and cruisers. Retirees and redundancies. All in good spirits and all in strong spirits. Bring your pooch and don’t think twice about the dress code. Stay until they kick you out and trust us, they will.

Just don’t order the food without an aperitif.

Like…eight of them.


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