Dancing Goats Coffee Bar
650 North Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

As New Yorkers, we love nothing more than hearing some place in America just built a “New York-like” place.

Seriously, we love it.

It gives us an opportunity to tear apart whomever thinks they can emulate The Greatest City In The World simply by installing a few exposed beams and charging a sh*tload for coffee.

But before we go tearing anyone apart as we so very much like to do, here’s what Dancing Goats is doing right:

  • Trying to copy New York. At least you all have good taste.
  • An open-air design, in the bones of an old Sears building. We dig that.
  • They make a mean double espresso.
  • We had a pretty damn good cookie.
  • Lots of natural light spilling in through old industrial windows. We also dig that.
  • There’s a huge dog friendly patio. We’re sold.

Now, we’re not going to tear Goats apart, but we do have some advice (because we’re New Yorkers and we have something to say about everything):

  • While the design is good, the organization is not. It’s a bit of a mad dash both to order and secure a place to sit. We do well with chaos in New York. Y’all down there in Atlanta do not.
  • The barista pronounced it/eksˈpresˌō/. It’s /eˈspresˌō/.
  • Please clean your big, beautiful windows more often.
  • Every dog friendly patio should have fresh water access. C’mon now.
  • But the worst part? They’re still advertising “Featuring free Wi-Fi!” Gee, thanks. Just let us find a hostel to stash our backpacks in and we’ll be right over.

But regardless of our complaints…er, advice…we give Goats a solid 7/10 because they’re trying. They have some great ideas and the not-so-great ones can be quickly remedied. The old building really is something to see and—despite the whole mispronouncing of words thing—the people really were nice. We should take note.

So we’ve got hope for you, Goat.

Please don’t let us down.


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