You and your dog deserve a vacation after the holiday hustle. Each week, we’ll pick our favorite dog friendly Airbnb vacation rental in a city we’d love to visit—so you can pack your bags, grab the leash, and get out of town. This week: Palm Springs.


You fabulous bitch.
You too, owner.

This much moxie deserves a break, doesn’t it? The city is freezing and all of its detestable traffic and paint splotches passing themselves off as “art” are getting old—you need to do you for a weekend, and your dog is the only company you’re going to need.

So rent yourself a convertible, put the top down, and don’t stop until you hit Palm Springs, darling.

But a hotel sure isn’t going to cut it for the all-day champagne drinking you’ll soon have planned. You need a spot where your dog can run free, and you can play Tom Jones as loud as you please. You want dry heat, but you want it to yourself—and baby, do we have the place for you.

Resting beautifully in its Mid-centural laurels, this stunning getaway has “why we go to Palm Springs” written all over it. Gorgeous design inside and out, a perfect location (even though you’ll never leave the house), and room for six (which means only invite three ’cause let’s be honest, this place also has “you know, I’ve always wanted a swingers’ party” undertones as well).

As for Fido, there’s plenty of room to stretch the legs, plenty of shade to escape that dry heat, and by god, that pool…just look at it. Even the coffeemaker is fabulous.

This is what a weekend in Palm Springs should be.

And there’s no one better poised to be in it than you, doll face.


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