This month’s dog is Pam.
As in: @PamLovesFerrariBoys


Taking cool to an entirely new level, this French Bulldog seemingly exploded out of the gates with her laissez-faire attitude on just about anything.

From fashion to advice on boys to being the new spokesperson for Vans and even starting her own clothing line, she’s an inspiration to bitches all around the world.

Here’s a snippet of the teachings she’s been known to throw down on her social outlets:

“To be serious it only takes one person to start a revolution. When I first started in this game I was pretty much the first. Now look. You midget, mini-me with a bunch of little mini-yous running around your backyard swimming pools. But cereal, if you wanna stay in the game you gotta play by their rules sometimes, unless you just start your own game.”

So, follow Pam on her many, many chic adventures around town (basically, the house) and be prepared to empty your wallet on things you never knew existed—on things you never knew you needed—while learning how to live life to its fullest.


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