You’re good looking, drink a little too much when it’s sunny, make decent money (but still can’t afford to go out at the end of the month), wear jeans often, and enjoy the occasional Asian meal. Your dog is social and well-behaved, but could stand to be taken on a few more walks and consult a dental hygienist about what we can only assume to be halitosis. Have you ever wondered where the best place for a pair like you to reside is? Yes? We thought so. Which is why we’re embarking on a new series exploring the best places for someone (like you) to live with their dog (like yours). Say hello to “The Best Places to Live With Your Dog.” First up: Austin, Texas. 

* * *

Have you ever wondered if Austin is the place for you and your dog? Well, you’re in luck because we did some investigating and discovered Austin to be the perfect place for anyone who matches these criteria:

You: currently living in the city. You can afford to live alone, but still have roommates because—let’s be honest—you’re never home. Your ideal weekend involves sitting on a grassy field, with artisan wine and a picnic basket full of quinoa—although, you’d be just as content with a bag of chips. Your attire leans toward the weird flannel and big leather boot movement that keeps trying to catch on. Your Spotify playlists revolve around Johnny Cash, The Avett Brothers and, on rainy days, Belle and Sebastian. You prefer a casual dinner party over fine dining, and every year you buy a new Moleskine to keep a journal, but end up using it for your shopping list.

Your dog: small to medium-sized. You wanted a Labrador, but you ended up with this one because of a rescue plea you saw on Instagram, you softy. The two of you hang out, but it’s more of a relationship of convenience. There are walks to the park, but never the ball-chasing or obedience training everyone else is doing. Not to say yours is a bad dog, just a lazy one—never the overachiever at the dog park.

Where you should live: if all this sounds fine and dandy, there’s an 8/10 chance your should live in Austin. Now, this might sound like a bad matchup for someone as normal as you, but Austin is no longer weird. And you can’t afford to live downtown with the locals anymore anyway, but you can still live near numerous parks and just a few hours drive away from an Airbnb that calls itself “rustic.” With the aforementioned downtown debacle, chances are you wouldn’t even think about attempting to find parking to meet friends for dinner anyway, so it has to be a dinner party. There are several Whole Foods nearby if you need them, but HEB has always been a better place to meet singles anyway. And your dog will make friends, but not ones he has to run around with all the time. Acquaintances, we should say. And hey, you might even make a couple acquaintances in Austin too.

In all seriousness, Austin is pretty cool—and there are tons of dog friendly Austin digs around your soon-to-be neighborhood.


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