You’re good looking, drink a little too much when it’s sunny, make decent money (but still can’t afford to go out at the end of the month), wear jeans often, and enjoy the occasional Asian meal. Your dog is social and well-behaved, but could stand to be taken on a few more walks and consult a dental hygienist about what we can only assume to be halitosis. Have you ever wondered where the best place for a pair like you to reside is? Yes? We thought so. Which is why we’re embarking on a new series exploring the best places for someone (like you) to live with their dog (like yours). Say hello to “The Best Places to Live With Your Dog.” This week: the Midwestern hipster’s heaven (AKA Tulsa).

* * *

You: were raised in some fly-over state, probably one that boasts corn or wheat on their license plate. You’ve also developed a liking for the weak beer associated with that fly-over state. You have mad love for college basketball. And even though the winters and summers are almost unbearable, you stick around because of family and because your rent is $700 a month (or less). There’s no getting around running into your ex—or one of their friends—so out of pure desperation you’ve joined every dating app there is, but rarely follow through with messaging a match. In seven years, you’ll be watching—not playing—golf on Sundays. What else is there to do in the mid-west, besides the occasional stroll with your dog (when the weather is near bearable)?

Your dog: big. You went up a size more than you should have in order to compensate for still living wherever it is you live. Oh, I would move, but Fido needs a big yard (motions to the obscene size of yours) and I couldn’t do that to him (although he totally wishes you would for the sake of both your social lives). We’re thinking…a husky? God help your dry cleaning bill. And no wonder no one stays over—the hair on your couch alone! Your big dog does love the outdoors, though, so where can you both move?

Where you should live: Tulsa. Now hang on, we know it’s a lateral move. However, Tulsa is about as hip as you’re going to get for what you’re willing to pay in rent. Your rent will increase from $700 to $900 a month and the yard won’t be as big, but the city makes up for it in having a strong underground music scene, shockingly cool architecture, and too many 20-somethings with bad mustaches. You’re an hour from Oklahoma City, where local hero Wayne Coyne walks around, and you’re close (enough) to spots like Dallas and Austin should you ever want to forget that you decided to move to Oklahoma.

Interested in Oklahoma? (Yes, we’re being serious.) Go ahead, get familiar with the best dog friendly Tulsa spots. We won’t judge…in fact, we’ve had a few great nights in Tulsa ourselves. (Yes, there was alcohol involved).


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