Red Pepper Taqueria (Buckhead)
3135 Piedmont Road
Atlanta, GA 30305

There are many reasons to move to Atlanta.
There are also a few reasons to move away from Atlanta, and they usually revolve around the summers.

Roasting. Sticky. It ain’t called “Hotlanta” for nothing.

So, what you and your four-legged friend need is an reprieve from those hot summer months that will be returning before you know it. Someplace laid back, someplace not dead set on filling you full of all the things Georgia is known for (the main problem of said local cuisine being that four to five days later, you’re hungry again). No, what you need is a place with shade and space for Fido to run around and meet others of his kind (and the same goes for you).

To recap, you need:

– A cool spot.
– No fried Southern food.
– Someplace quiet.
– Dog friendly seating.
– Copious amounts of liquor. (Okay, you didn’t mention that, but we assumed.)

Meet Red Pepper: a taqueria for white people that doesn’t feel like a taqueria for white people.

They have two locations, but our favorite is in Buckhead.

Expect a plethora of super-duper tasty bites, along with a bartender who knows that the more he serves you, the more tacos you inhale—which works out nicely for everyone.

Dogs are allowed on the patio, and ice cold water in bowls is brought out even before your own waters are—which we also like.

Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
Terrible for a happening Saturday night.


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