VBGB Beer Hall & Garden
920 Hamilton Street
Charlotte, NC 28206

Perhaps it’s us getting older that we now look to places like German biergartens the same way we used to look at dive bars and illicit drugs. Such hope, such promise, such non-compliance with over-serving standards. And it’s almost as if VBGB knows that—with even their name taking us back to old Sex Pistols shows at New York’s most notorious (now defunct—yes, defunct—we refuse to acknowledge it’s existence in Las Vegas) live music bar.

See, we used to need a kind bartender—one who didn’t mind if you ran up a tab for a night, as long as you settled up the next day. Someone who had both Johnny Cash and Röyksopp on the jukebox and didn’t giggle when you ordered a Mai Tai. But nowadays, we have different demands. A nice crowd, but not too noisy. Food…definitely food, as our poor bodies wrecked from the ’90s can’t take too many more hangovers. We need big tables for our friends and their kids and our dogs and probably somebody’s shopping bags, ‘cause—let’s face it—we don’t get out a lot.

Which is why we adore this spot. It’s one of the best beer gardens on the East Coast, if we do say so ourselves. And by far the best dog friendly Charlotte beer garden.

High ceilings, a long bar, and picnic tables greet you and your dog. Plus, there’s an ever-changing chalkboard of local offerings on tap. A menu you’d expect; nothing healthy, but all wonderfully delicious. And a backyard area that you could get lost in (as will your dog, but that’s okay).

Go for the brats, the local variation of a pilsner, and find yourself a table outside. Fido will be going nuts from all the smells and other pooches, so—again, if he’s well-behaved—let him walk around. It’s a crowd who’ll beg to pet him, if that tells you anything.

But mostly, it’s a place where you can go, enjoy, relax, be drunk by 6 PM, and still be able to walk home and make a light dinner.

Which is basically the equivalent of finding free MDMA when you were 20.


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