You’re good looking, drink a little too much when it’s sunny, make decent money (but still can’t afford to go out at the end of the month), wear jeans often, and enjoy the occasional Asian meal. Your dog is social and well-behaved, but could stand to be taken on a few more walks and consult a dental hygienist about what we can only assume to be halitosis. Have you ever wondered where the best place for a pair like you to reside is? Yes? We thought so. Which is why we’re embarking on a new series exploring the best places for someone (like you) to live with their dog (like yours). Say hello to “The Best Places to Live With Your Dog.” This week: the $50,000 millionaire’s city (hint: we’re not in Austin anymore).

* * *

You: are currently living in a city big enough to support a few pro teams and an international airport. You live in an apartment, but there’s nothing special about it. Your job is good enough—probably something in IT or finance or medical sales. Your car is something that—based on its appearance—could have been given to you by a car rental agency. You go to Vegas once a year. Nothing about you is over-the-top, except on weekends. On weekends, you go out and you go out hard. Shots and rooftop bars and—if you’re lucky—that friend will open his hot tub so you can be photographed with lots of beautiful, almost naked people. Your friends back home will be so jealous. You’re not a bad person, just someone who took that whole “work hard, play hard” mantra to another level. In fact, you might even have some like that tattooed on your body, but under a more poetic guise like “carpe diem.”

Your dog: is little. To be honest, you got him or her to impress someone you were trying to date. Not to say you don’t love them (we’re talking about your dog), but it was never one of those I-need-a-dog-to-complete-me things. They don’t need to be taken to the park, because your modest backyard is more than enough for their little legs to run around and—if they catch you immediately post-Monster drink—to play a few rounds of fetch. We’re thinking Jack Russell Terrier? Or something along those lines.

But you’re not happy. There are bigger and better things on your horizon. The next step. You want to be pulling in some serious quiche and you want your dog to have nice things like a dog-walker (so you don’t have to do it). So where should you move?

Where you should live: Houston. Yup, you were already thinking it, weren’t you? All the flash and bang of a city that tries hard to impress, but never really does,. But it’s huge. Large. Texas big. And there’s money to be made. Old money will testify to that. Oil money. Real estate money. Money you can spend on the (admittedly) fantastic restaurant scene. It’s just one step before you move to Miami and buy a Bluetooth speaker. As for ole Fido—he (or she) will be in heaven with a dog friendly Houston bar on every corner and the smell of BBQ everywhere.

You two are going to be so happy. So, fingers crossed you can borrow the money from your parents to afford the deposit on the new apartment.

So, you like Houston? Well, how about that. So do we. Check out more dog friendly spots around your (soon to be new) city.


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