You’re good looking, drink a little too much when it’s sunny, make decent money (but still can’t afford to go out at the end of the month), wear jeans often, and enjoy the occasional Asian meal. Your dog is social and well-behaved, but could stand to be taken on a few more walks and consult a dental hygienist about what we can only assume to be halitosis. Have you ever wondered where the best place for a pair like you to reside is? Yes? We thought so. Which is why we’re embarking on a new series exploring the best places for someone (like you) to live with their dog (like yours). Say hello to “The Best Places to Live With Your Dog.” This week: the best city for the bored book lover. 

* * *

You: were nerdy before it was considered cool. You read books before everyone started photographing them to post on Instagram. You actually listened to The Smiths growing up and actually liked them. You date, but not a lot. After all, people have gotten creepy with all of the new technology. That doesn’t mean you don’t go out and occasionally get drunk and make out with someone you just met. But at the end of the day, you enjoy the company of your dog, a cup of tea, a nice window to look out of, and not feeling the need to post everything on Facebook. That being said, you’re looking for a way out. Your current town is a bit too small. You’re open to a lateral move, but would prefer something different than the town you’re in right now. Your ideal rent for a two bedroom is around $1,000, and is preferably near a few peaceful outdoor spots.

Your dog: is your lifeline. Not in a weird co-dependent way, but they really are your best friend and coming home to them is always better than going out away from them. Small, obviously. It’s all you can do to handle hugs from strangers, so being pounced on every time you come home would certainly ruin that wardrobe you bought from The GAP. We’re thinking a Maltese? Okay, we might be wrong—but something along those lines. They’d like a few more outdoor activities to because—not to sound rude—your lack of social life shouldn’t mean theirs should suffer.

Where you should live: Milwaukee. One of the best-kept secrets in America, but perfect for folks like you because their summers are glorious. Something of ridiculous beauty and fun. But the summer only lasts for, like, seven weeks and then the rest of the year, it’s winter. That’s a fact: Wisconsin is the only state to have forgone even calling it “spring” or “fall” because by the time the newspaper comes out, it’s over. Lots of bookstores, lots of cafes, lots of re-purposed warehouses, lots of indie artists coming in from Chicago, lots of architecture nearby (your Frank Lloyd Wright crush will lose its mind in the neighboring town of Madison), and it still has a good airport for when you want to spend your vacation visiting your sister. Your dog will be in heaven—only well-behaved pups are allowed inside the city and if they’re noisy or rude the city sends them to Detroit. Comfort food galore (hello weird castle of cheese right outside the city!) and incredibly nice people (for seven weeks), and then incredibly nice-but-sad-and-pale-people (for the rest of the year).

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