You’re good looking, drink a little too much when it’s sunny, make decent money (but still can’t afford to go out at the end of the month), wear jeans often, and enjoy the occasional Asian meal. Your dog is social and well-behaved, but could stand to be taken on a few more walks and consult a dental hygienist about what we can only assume to be halitosis. Have you ever wondered where the best place for a pair like you to reside is? Yes? We thought so. Which is why we’re exploring the best places for someone (like you) to live with their dog (like yours). This week: we’re on the West Coast, flexing our brand new vegan muscles.

* * *

You: after reading something somewhere about sustainable tree houses, you decided to do your part and become a vegan. This is not an easy feat in your hometown because you currently live in a right-wing state and admitting that you don’t want to eat animals anymore will likely result in a town hall meeting with your kin. It’s not that you’re annoying or hip—you just want to try life without meat, and meet others who feel the same way. You can still totally hang with people who aren’t vegan, but you need a balanced mix. Weather isn’t an issue, but your current ratio of closed-minded folks is.

Your dog: thinks you’re an asshole because you’ve started buying vegan toys and vegan dog food and they’re like, “look, I get why you’re doing it, but I’m a dog and if I see a squirrel/bird/rabbit, I’m going after it and no amount of TED talks or Moby albums are going to change that.” Fortunately, with them being a dog, they’re still loyal and will defend you to the death, which—based on your ensuing lack of protein—is closer than you think. We’re guessing your pal is medium-sized, probably a Collie.

Where you should live: Seattle. It was obvious, wasn’t it? The original open-minded folks, purely based on their crap weather and proximity to Canada. But if it’s vegan you want, then you’re going to be in heaven. You might even turn into a pescatarian after realizing what jerks most fish are. But even if you stay on the straight-and-narrow, you’ll still have roughly 1,001 dining and 10,001 dates who’ll cater to that. As for your dog, they’ll still think you’ve lost the plot, but at least there are a gazillion parks for you all to play hacky-sack in.

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