In honor of this year’s Westminster Dog Show Best in Show winner, Rumor the German Shepherd, we’re resurfacing your perfect canine match—that is, if you meet the criteria. 

…German Shepherd 
Sure, you have a pal that spots you at the gym and encourages you to get whey protein added to your post-workout smoothie, but what about when you go home? If you’re looking for a dog to motivate your fitness and be man’s best bro, look no further than the German shepherd. German shepherds are intelligent and physically capable, which is why they excel at police and military service, guiding the handicapped, search and rescue, drug detection, herding, and more.

Just like you, German shepherds love and need a lot of exercise. They’re loyal like your best teammates, competitive like the athletes you envy, and sweet like your favorite drinking buddy. They require stimulation of the physical and mental nature, such as frisbee, runs, and training sessions. Sound familiar? 

Are you always striving for that Ryan Gosling core or those Channing Tatum arms? Well, your German shepherd has a Hollywood hunk body aspiration too. Box office sensation and studly German shepherd Rin Tin Tin did not just pant his way to the top of the silent movie game. As a puppy, he was rescued by an American soldier from a war-torn French village in World War I. His loving new owner brought him to the states and led him to doggy fame in Los Angeles, where he starred in films and won the hearts of many with his own television series, The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin.

You too can rescue one of these amazing dogs and help them reach their full potential while they help you do the same. The possibilities for activity and adventure are endless when you have a German shepherd. Here are just a few shelters that specialize in German shepherd rescue. Check them out, or look for one near you…just remember: #adoptdontshop! 

East Coast Rescue

German Shepherd Rescue & Adoptions: North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia
German Shepherd Rescue of New England
German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania 

West Coast Rescue 

Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles
German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County
Washington German Shepherd Rescue  

Special thanks to Milla Chappell of Real Happy Dogs for providing us with these great photos. Visit her Instagram page to see more of her work. 


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