Drop Off Service
211 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009

One could easily fault the people behind Drop Off Service with having a confusing name, but their offerings more than make up for it.

Once a run-down laundromat, this dog friendly Alphabet City bar now impresses with a craft beer selection that rivals its interior design, which is complete with high private booths that add both interest and intimacy.

Ever rotating, their beer and wine selection is truly where they shine. Boasting obscure whites from the Languedoc region, as well as Trappist offerings that would make an impressive collection even back in Belgium, Drop Off Service is more than just your average dive bar. Add to that a weirdly non-pretentious and informed staff who’ll let you taste a bevy of curiosities before pouring (into the correct glass, mind you) your final decision and we’re hooked. Did we mention that their happy hour—3-8 p.m. on weekdays, 1-8(!) p.m. on weekends—gets you half-price drinks? You read that right.

Dog friendly is why you’re here, though, and dog friendly ye shall find. Friendly all around, to be honest. A great neighborhood bar inside a great idea with ridiculously great prices.


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