George and Jack’s Tap Room
103 Berry Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

As you know, it often pains us to write nice things about Williamsburg these days. And it super pains us to not only be nice, but actually and honestly praise any bar in Williamsburg for being a great spot that’s also dog friendly and not annoying. But we’ll happily swallow that pain with a pint of Sculpin at George and Jack’s Tap Room, the neighborhood bar we’ve always wished for.

Formerly the beloved Brooklyn Ale House, George and Jack’s is seemingly a meeting place first, a drinking hole second—akin to what pubs would look like in America if they weren’t fake pubs that were “broken down and shipped piece-by-piece from Ireland.” Old yet non–cheesy beer signs and photos of Manhattan and Brooklyn stare down at you from the walls, as do the kind faces of George and Jack, the late fathers of the bar’s owners, who also happen to be the guys behind Skinny Dennis, Rocka Rolla, and our staff favorite Luckydog.

It’s got a feel of yesterday’s New York in terms of a welcoming bar right around the corner, and the prices reflect that. A cheap dive bar? Almost, but classier: $9 for a pie and a pint will tell you that. Clientele runs from your out-of-work millennial to your still-working grandfather, and the music played by the public seems to capture that.

But the best part is the dog friendliness. Note we didn’t just write “dog friendly,” which of course they are because this is a dog friendly website and we wouldn’t lead you astray. But every single person, every single time we walk in, genuinely seems a) happy to be there; b) happy to see you; and c) super happy to see your dog.

Which makes this the first of the last great neighborhood bars in Williamsburg.


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