Crown and Anchor Pub
200 Pelican Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70114

Every city seems to have an area that’s not that far away, but people still moan about having to get to.

Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Miami and Miami Beach.
Hollywood and Silver Lake.

Seriously, in the time it takes to tweet how annoyed you are, you’d have been there already. But still we moan.

Same goes for New Orleans and Algiers Point. In the time it takes to pull your phone out to take a photo, you’re there. Literally three minutes on the ferry. Three minutes away to an oasis of calm without flocks of tourists walking around in groups being led by the neon glow of their poor choice in drinks. There are no “I got Bourbon Faced on Sh*T Street” t-shirts for sale because there are no t-shirt shops on the point. Just folks who love New Orleans enough to live across the Mississippi from it, less the veneer be quickly pulled away.

And smack dab in the middle of that vortex of wisdom lies Crown and Anchor Pub.

Enter through the Dr. Who Tardis and step back in time as you trip over large dogs napping near the entrance, their owners having given up trying to herd them into the pub itself. If your dog has a name, they’ll know it before yours, and if you time it right, the bartender with the voice-of-god will make sure both you and Fido are well taken care of. Ice cold water for your pup and a cool hand-pulled pint for you. Treats at the end of the bar for them, Quaver’s (the best snack to come out of England) for yourself. And all just a ten-minute walk from the three-minute ferry.

So, do both yourself and your dog a favor by heading over one sunny afternoon.

Just don’t blame us if that afternoon turns into an early morning.


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