One of this season’s most anticipated films, Beauty and the Beast has hit theaters and is already causing controversy. The live-action remake of the classic 1991 Disney film features mega-star Emma Watson as bookish heroine Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast. The human reviews have been lukewarm, criticizing it for its lackluster singing, overly elaborate design, and movie length. The new Beauty and the Beast clocks in at a whopping 129 minutes, compared to the original cartoon version’s mere 85 minutes. But humans aren’t the only ones talking about Beauty and the Beast. The dog community has a lot to say about the film, too.

In the same way people were looking forward to seeing beloved feminist Emma Watson playing the strong, smart, and beautiful Belle, dogs were excited to finally see an empathetic beast character on screen. In a world of destructive Kujos, King Kongs and Godzillas, dogs were happy to have a beast finally play the main love interest in a film. Here’s what they had to say:

“I don’t care that the movie sucked. I was just happy the beast character wasn’t eating entire cities. It’s a win for beasts everywhere!” —Lady, 10 (Poodle)

“They got a real feminist. Why couldn’t they have gotten a REAL beast?” —Oats, 8 (Golden Retriever)

“If I wanted to see women getting made fun of for being smart, I would relive the 2016 presidential election.” —Penny, 3 (Mixed breed)

“Praise the Lord! Finally a beast character who gets laid!” —Thunder, 6 (Mastiff)

“Loved Emma Watson’s shoes. They looked reeeeally tasty!” —Mojo, 1 ½ (Chocolate Lab)

Those were just some of the hot takes dogs have had on Beauty and the Beast. Expect a lot more chatter around the dog parks about this one.


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