You have a decent career job, friends who are good enough to throw back a few beers with on the weekends, and a nice home in a state you love. You may or may not be single, but it’s fine either way because there’s always Tinder. Yet, despite your apparent success, something’s missing. Ah! Yes, a dog. We’ve done our due diligence and found the perfect rescue dog for residents of all 50 states. And if you’re from Arizona, we’ve found the perfect adventure dog for you.

Tourists strapped with fannypacks and visors pour into Arizona from far and wide to enjoy its majesty. From the Grand Canyon National Park to Monument Valley to the Kartchner Caverns and all the natural wonders that lay between, the people who actually inhabit Arizona need dogs that can enjoy the wonder along with them. A buddy who also bores easily and desires adventure. Might we suggest a Basenji…?

Basenjis are frisky, medium sized, and high energy. Arizona is the state associated with The Wild West, cacti, deserts, and the hot, hot sun that comes along with all of it. Of African descent, Basenjis are a fantastic breed of dog for such a hot, dry climate. They are athletic hunting dogs and, therefore, worthy companions for a national park hike or a camping trip in the Petrified Forests. No matter what outdoorsy activities you’re into, the Basenji is down!

And let’s face it: no one wants to hit the trails and sleep in the wilderness with a diva. Lucky for those of you who actually enjoy roughing it, Basenjis are low maintenance in the grooming department and won’t be self conscious going without hairdryers, plush dog beds, fancy toys, and other luxury items some breeds are accustomed. Basenjis are happy when they get plenty of exercise and a healthy diet. In human form, you’d probably find them rocking Birkenstocks and Patagonia gear.

Like the Lone Ranger, Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, and other famous cowboys that once roamed the West, Basenjis temperaments embody all that makes up the Southwest, marked by independence and brains. To bask in the Arizona sun with a Basenji, here are some resources to help you find one for adoption.

Arizona Basenji Rescue Resources:
Adopt A Basenji
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